Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Busy Weekend

First of all, I did not take one single picture this weekend.  I am getting so bad at taking the camera around.  I need to get a new small one that I can just stick in my purse (and not let the kids get a hold of) so that I am always prepared. 

Friday I was so excited that our Saturday was going to be an easy one.  It seems like every weekend we pack them full and it was nice to know we could do what ever we wanted or needed to as a family. Reese was actually sick all day Friday and Saturday with a mild fever but she was such a trooper.  We got several things marked off our to-do list Saturday morning and then we ran down to the GT bookstore to buy a birthday present for Lance’s nephew who will be TEN tomorrow!!  After naps we spent the evening in the pool. 

Sunday morning we went to church as usual.  Sam’s teacher came to find me and said he had been crying a lot and they couldn’t calm him down.  A little bit later I went to check on him and he was fine so I left him in his class.  When I picked him up he felt warm so I figured he got what Reese had.  We stopped on our way to visit Lance’s family and bought some Motrin.  We spent the afternoon with family and Sam seemed to do well but towards the end he was just cranky, didn’t want to eat, and was getting warmer and warmer.  When we finally got home he had a fever of 104 so I immediately stuck him in the cold tub (which he hated) and gave him more medicine.  Through out the night his fever didn’t get below 102 and we were a little nervous.  We decided that Lance would stay home with Sam on Monday while Reese and I went out to my parents house.

My parents had a cookout with all of our family and some of Tommy’s family to celebrate Memorial Day and Tommy’s birthday.  Reese and I had a lot of fun while Lance was getting beat down by Sam and his constant whining.  Ha! 

When Reese and I got home, I gave Sam a bath and put him to bed a little early because I had to leave for my first tennis lesson (since I was 15 years old).  It was so much fun to be on the courts and doing something for myself, by myself.  And not in a selfish way.

Well, I guess we couldn’t let one month go by this year with out getting sick so the kids snuck it in the last few days of the month.  Oh how I hope we can all stay well this summer!!  Sam seems to have broken his fever today and has been playing, having fun, and picking on his sister. I guess when he is hitting, biting, and pulling Reese’s hair I know he is feeling better…except he doesn’t seem to want to nap…

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Courtney said...

Awe, hope everyone is feeling better (all 3 of ours were sick last week.) And glad to know Cole is not the only little brother whose favorite pass time is hitting, biting, & pulling hair!!!