Friday, July 1, 2011

Busy Pool Week

We have had a fun and busy week.  The last four days have been spent at the pool so not one picture has been taken. 

Tuesday we spent time at our pool.  I had promised the pool and then realized that our pool bag was in Lance’s car.  That proved to be more of an adventure than I had hoped.  Since Sam didn’t have his floaties, I was having to hold him the whole time and keep close to Reese.  She can reach the bottom of the pool in the shallow end so she can play with out me holding her.  She is getting so good at swimming on her own but still needs me close for comfort and safety.

Wednesday we went to a friends pool with several other friends.  They have a baby pool so the kids all played in there for a little while and the mommies were able to have a little bit of a conversation.  Later we played in the big pool and Reese was able to practice some more swimming.  Unfortunately, Sam’s floaties have a slow leak in them so it is hard to keep him floating with out having to hold him up. 

Thursday we went with the Horton’s to the Y.  It has a zero entry pool outside which is fabulous!!  You can plop yourself down in the water just like at the beach (minus the sand) while the kids walk around and play.  We, of course, had to get our swim time in too so Reese would jump in and show her swim skills. 

This morning we finally had our first real swim lessons.  I have been so slack in this department.  I finally decided to get Reese in to swim lesson to help fine tune the skills she has with a professional.  We are doing lessons through Aqua-tots and they just happened to have a class for Sam at the same time as Reese’s class.  Sam’s class is parent assisted so I am in the water with him.  I was excited about this because that meant I got to see Reese up close in the water while taking her lessons.  She did so amazing.  I know I have said this a million times but she does so much better at following other people’s directions versus mine.  I have tried to get her to float on her back almost every time we have been in the pool and she refuses.  Today she floated on her back the first time Mr. Michael asked her to.  He also got her to swim to the bottom of the pool to get some rings, kick with a kickboard and noodle, and monkey walk across the side.  We went straight to our pool after lessons to work on some of the things she learned and she did each of them once for me and that was it.  She wouldn’t do any of them again.  Stinker!  Sam was a little timid when we first got in the pool for his lessons but he warmed up and actually let Ms. Megan hold him and jumped to her.  I am excited to see how Reese does!  She is so excited about her lessons and going back again.

I love the summer and all the time we get to spend at the pool.  When summer started I was a little nervous about how Reese would stay entertained all summer but I have really enjoyed the time we have spent together.  I am glad there is still just under two months left of summer.  That means more and more pool time in our future…which also means great naps in the afternoon!!

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