Wednesday, June 20, 2012

21 weeks, 2 days

Today Reese was able to feel Baby Gummy Bear kick! As of yesterday I was only feeling him down below my belly button. He was laying sideways and I really could only feel him inside. I had not felt the kicks from outside yet. This morning we were all laying in our bed and I felt a kick up near the lower part of my ribs. Apparently the little pumpkin turn lengthways last night and now the feet are pointed towards my head. I could see and feel the kicks so I told Reese to feel. I put her hand where the kicks were and her eyes got big when she felt it. She was so excited and yelled to Lance (who was getting ready for work) that she felt Baby Gummy Bear. I tried to let Sam feel too but he is so active himself he couldn’t sit still long enough to feel the kicks. By the time Lance was ready the baby wasn’t kicking around anymore. I can’t wait for the boys to feel the kicks soon!

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