Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father’s Day

Sunday we celebrated Lance and the great daddy that he is. We woke up early and got ready for church. Reese couldn’t wait to give Lance his presents so we did that before we left.

photo 1

We gave him a new sports watch. He didn’t like his old one because he thought the face was too small so I went on a hunt for a larger one.

photo 2

We also gave him a gift certificate to a local golf course. The wife of one of his best friends did the same thing so they could have a guys day.

photo 3

After church we went to a restaurant at the local airport.

photo 1

The restaurant over looks the runway so you can see the planes landing and taking off. We also saw a couple of helicopters come in and leave.

photo 3

We all had a great time together!! We all liked the view and the food.

photo 4

After a quick rest time we headed to the pool for some afternoon fun. We had a great day and are so grateful for all Lance does for us.

photo 5

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