Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Happenings

I feel like our summer has been super busy so far. We haven’t really had any time to just sit and enjoy it. However, the kids have squeezed in some fun stuff during the times that I am making dinner, cleaning up, etc.

One day they decided they wanted to be super heroes. Reese begged me to make them some costumes. She had these extravagant requests that would have involved a lot of time. The problem was they came up with this idea around 4:30. I usually start making dinner around 5:00 and none of my sewing stuff was out. They begged and begged so I said I could do something quick for them but it wouldn’t have everything they were asking for. So I quickly cut out a square of fabric for each of them and sewed it on to a t-shirt.

6-19-12 003

They loved them. They were totally ok with the fact that it didn’t have all the extra decorations that they wanted. Both of them ran around outside like super heroes the whole time I made dinner. What a fun and easy little project that created hours of fun for them.

6-19-12 011

Reese loves any kind of art project and asks to paint quite often. I think Sam enjoys it too but I also thinks he just enjoys doing anything Reese does. They wanted to paint some pictures for Father’s Day. Reese painted a picture of Lance playing golf that we included with his golf gift certificate. On the back we wrote, “This is good for one free day of golf”.

6-19-12 013

They have also been enjoying the Jeep. Reese has really figured out how to drive it and control it. She has had a lot of fun. And Sam loves being her passenger...

6-19-12 016

Well, that is until he figured out how to drive it himself. He climbed in the Jeep and we told him his legs weren’t long enough to reach the peddle. All of a sudden he takes off with a huge grin on his face. He figured out he just needed to slide up to reach. He goes around in circles but loves it the whole time.

6-19-12 019

Hopefully our summer will slow down some and we can just be for a little while. I want to soak up all this time with the kids before summer slips away from us.

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