Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reese’s Ballet Recital

Last night Reese had her ballet recital. Oh my goodness, was it precious!! She is so cute on the stage and just loves it.

5-31-12 002

This year’s theme was American Girls. Each of the graduating seniors represented an American Girl Doll and then the little ones did dances that represented that character.

5-31-12 004

In the beginning, Reese’s class was supposed to be Marie-Grace. The costumes they have matched that dolls outfit perfectly. At the last minute they changed some of the classes up with their doll and decided Reese’s class would dance after the Samantha doll since Samantha is from New York.

5-31-12 007

They danced to the song “Elegance” from “Hello Dolly”. Since this song talks about New York, I guess it went better with the Samantha doll. (Marie-Grace is from New Orleans.)

5-31-12 011

This is Reese’s whole class with the senior, “Samantha”.

5-31-12 016

Reese had a huge cheering section!

Granddaddy and Gigi

6-2-12 003

Reese and Brody

6-2-12 004

Gaga, Aunt Kathy, and Brody with Reese

6-2-12 006

Papa and Grammy

6-2-12 007

Aunt Becky and Reese

6-2-12 009

We all had a lot of fun cheering Reese on. She looked so beautiful and had a huge grin. She also loved all the flowers she received.

6-2-12 008

Reese and I stayed for the second half of the show. She loved watching the big girls dance. When we were leaving I was just about to tell her how proud of her I was when she looked up at me and asked, “Are you so proud of me?”. Of course, Reesey Baby Girl, I am so proud of you!! You are a beautiful dancer and precious little girl.


AA said...

I love those dancing pictures! She looks like she is having so much fun. What a professional!!!

Carrie Beth said...

She looked adorable up there!