Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Oh my! I feel like I need a weekend to recover from this past weekend. We have been on the go. Saturday morning was started bright and early. Sam has decided that 6:15/6:30 is his wake up time. He comes in to our room and will occasionally go back to sleep. Usually though he whines to go downstairs until we are all up. After us all getting out of bed, Lance started cutting the grass and I started getting ready for the day. Once we were all ready to leave at 10:30 (thirty minutes late), we get in the car, a mile down the road, we realize something is wrong with one of the tires. Turns out there is a bolt in my tire so we went back home to switch cars. We were finally on the road at 11:00. We drove out to my parents house, dropped Lance and the kids off at the pool in my parents neighborhood, and then headed to a wedding shower for a cousin. After several hours there we were headed back to my parents to celebrate Granddaddy's birthday. We ate pizza and cupcakes and had a lot of fun visiting. The kids were so tired from their busy day. We got home around 9:30 and we all crashed. Sunday, Sam woke up a little late (7:00), climbed in our bed, and we all went back to sleep until 9:00! The only problem with that was we needed to be out of the house at 9:45 at the latest and both kids needed a bath and hair washed. We made it though and were on time to church. After church we headed home for lunch and quick naps because we were expecting Lance's family over at 3:00. We spent the evening with them. The kids had a blast driving the Jeep and watching movies. After everyone was gone we all just sat down and were quite for about 30 minutes...very unusual. Then it was time for baths and bed. We once again all crashed and now we have started another day. I am sitting at Honda waiting on a new tire. :-( The kids are luckily at a friends house so it is quiet and not stressful right now. Hopefully I won't be here all day though!!

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