Monday, September 17, 2012

34 weeks

Don’t mind the picture below. I didn’t even take it until after I put the kids to bed tonight.  I think because I didn’t take pictures of myself with the other two kids I am shocked at how big I am every time I see my profile picture. I can’t believe we only have six weeks. I had an appointment today and everything seemed great. I scheduled the rest of my appointments today too. I have an appointment in two weeks and then go every week after that. 

34 weeks

I feel good…tired, but good. People still act like I should be having my baby any day now. I am always surprised at what comes out of peoples mouths!


AA said...

I can't believe you haven't already had this baby yet! Not because you look big (you don't!) but because I feel like it's been long enough! I hope you stay comfortable for the home stretch.

Claire Machen said...

YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! Love you so much

Bryan said...

Looking good. Does 34 weeks qualify as "crunch time" yet? Can't believe how close it is now.

jennkate said...

You are nothing but tummy! No weight gain anywhere else, lucky!! You are adorable!