Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Dreams

Yesterday I was 33 weeks. I have had three dreams about this baby during the entire 33 weeks. Twice I have dreamed that I have twin boys and once I have dreamed about a single boy. I don't remember dreams with Sam. I am sure I had them I just don't remember. With Reese I dreamed about a curly blonde headed girl even before we knew she was a girl. In these dreams about twin boys I don't really know/remember what they look like. The closer we are getting to meeting this baby the more anxious I am getting to find out who this baby is. I actually can't believe we didn't find out the sex of this baby. We keep telling ourselves it is going to be so exciting to hear that news on delivery day though!

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Adrienne said...

It will be so amazing when you find out especially after all the work of labor. I had tons of dreams with Owen and each time it was a boy. Perhaps your dreams are telling you something...