Monday, September 10, 2012

First Fall Soccer Game

This season Reese is playing U6 soccer. The Y made some changes to the program and the U6 is now playing 3v3.

9-10-12 003

Last year in micro soccer is was basically every man for himself. All of the kids were on the field and it was just a bunch of kids running around following the ball. They said they changed this league to 3v3 so the kids had more of a chance to touch the ball.

9-10-12 014

Reese seemed to have a lot of fun playing. She scored four times in the two games they played. It was so humid and hot that she kept complaining about sweating though. Ha! I told her to get used to it.

9-10-12 015

Her coach is a young college student. She made the whole team these cute ribbons for their hair.

9-10-12 020

I think Reese is really going to enjoy this season…as long as she isn’t sweating too much…silly girl!

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AA said...

Ha ha, I love that top picture of her. She looks like she's thinking "Um, excuse me Mr. soccer ball, but you don't have a chance against me, and darn it, it's hot out here!" Glad she did so well in her first game!