Friday, September 21, 2012

Some Snap Shots

I have been slack on the posts lately. Nothing too crazy has been going on this week.
*Monday Sam and I headed down to my doctors appointment. On the way home we went to the grocery store. That evening I asked the kids to clean up their toys off the floor. They decided that running around crazy was more fun so I set the timer. Whatever was left on the floor when the time ended would have to be earned back. Reese had to vacuum under the table to get some thing back.

*Tuesday was a rainy day. Sam went to school and I got some things done around the house. I vacuumed the blinds upstairs. I honestly have no idea the last time that was done.

*Wednesday Sam had gymnastics. I forgot about it last week...he was glad I remembered this week. After gymnastics we met some friends at the mall. The kids played for a little while and then we all ate lunch. That night I went to dinner with a couple of girls from our church group.

*Thursday I went to Amy's house and hung out with some girls while Sam was at school. It was a nice little break. Thursday night was a make up soccer practice for Reese. The girls had a lot of fun at practice and did some fun new games.

*Today Sam and I ran some errands and went to the grocery store for the third time this week. I still need to go one more time today. Tonight is pizza and a movie night!

We are excited about our weekend!
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Dr. Tony Denmark said...

AHH-----Friday Night Pizza----the memories!!!