Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Month In

*Today, Reese has been in school for one month.

*She is waking up easier than in the beginning. I usually go in her room, turn on her lamp, pull the sheets off of her, and tell her it is time to get up. After that I will leave her room and give her time to get moving. On a good day she will get up, get dressed, and then head back in to my room. Other days I have to go back in and tell her to get moving.

*Over the past month she has already learned so much. It is truly amazing what her teachers have done. She is exceeding their expectations on sight words so far. It is so neat to see her try to spell certain words. In the writing lab she drew a picture of her and Sam playing and then wrote “my buther and me plae to gethe”.

*I love to hear what she does each day. She is usually pretty good about giving me a run down about what they do. I think her favorite special is Art.

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