Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mystery Reader

Today I was the Mystery Reader in Reese’s class. I almost got caught walking down the hall but her parapro saw me and said, “Hide, hide!”. The class was just finishing up in the library and were about to leave. I went down the closest hallway and waited until I saw them get closer to their room. Once they were in their room, I knocked on the door. The teacher sent Reese to answer the door and she wasn’t sure what to think. She left her lunchbox in Lance’s car this morning so I think she just thought I was bringing her lunch to her. All the kids were sitting down in front of a rocking chair waiting for a story. When I walked towards the rocking chair one boy yelled out, “You have a baby in your stomach!”. Then they were all very interested in there being a baby in my stomach. Finally they were settled down and I got to read them Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes. This is one of Reese and Sam’s favorite books and they have so much fun when we read it. The class loved it too. They even asked me to read it again a second time. When reading it the second time they all participated in singing Pete’s song. It was too cute. However, I might have got them a little worked up because as soon as we were done reading it was time to head to lunch. They were a little rambunctious walking down the hall. I sat with Reese at lunch and she got to choose a friend to sit with us at a special table. She, of course, chose Hallie. It was too funny sitting with them and listening to them talk. I enjoyed getting to see how some of their day goes and I think Reese enjoyed having me there. What a fun experience! I am so glad Reese’s teacher squeezed me in to read to the class before BGB comes!


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Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, so cute! I bet that was so much fun and I really need to see that book! Harrison, for the past two years has been singing a song that goes "I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes"...with all the colors...is that where he got that from??? I thought he was just being silly!