Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Half Birthday!

My sweet, sweet baby is six months old today! How can that be?

At six months:

*Hayes is sitting up great. He can do it for a long time without me worrying about him falling over.

*He rolls all over the place. He can get to anything he wants by rolling and twisting his body around.

*He is very vocal and opinionated.  He has a huge attitude and screams if he is not getting what he wants. If one of us takes away something he is playing with, he can pitch the biggest fit.

5-1-13 001

*He is still trying to cut a second tooth. The first one is very noticeable now and we are all ready for the second one to show up.

*He loves Reese and Sam. He still giggles at everything they do. Sam was behind me during some of these pictures and Hayes would get the biggest grin watching him.

*Sleep! Uggg! He is a sleep fighter. He doesn’t like to sleep. During the day he usually takes several cat naps. We have been better at getting him to bed between 7:00 and 8:00 each night. He still wakes up a couple of times to eat but goes right back to sleep. I know he could make it through the night but he is just stubborn! Or maybe I am an enabler…

5-1-13 006

*He is still in nine month clothes. I did buy some 12 month pajamas for him and they fit great.

*I think it is time for him to move in to size four diapers. The three’s seem a little snug on those chunky thighs and booty.

*We call him Little Reese. His personality and demeanor seem to be very similar to Reese’s when she was a baby.

5-1-13 010

And here is all three of these little monkeys.  It’s the best I could do…

5-1-13 031


Kiera said...

Love him, too cute! The one with Hayes sticking his tongue out is priceless!!

AA said...

Size FOUR diapers?!?! That's what Leah wears :) haha.