Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sam’s Preschool Musical

Tuesday Sam had his final performance for the school year. They did a musical with the theme of “God made the animals”. Each kid got to wear an animal mask. Sam chose to be a tiger. The mask seemed to give him problems for most of the show and he held it in place the whole time.

5-9-13 018

He sang his little heart out much like he did at the Christmas show. I think he almost likes being on stage as much as Reese does.

5-9-13 021

Hayes enjoyed being there and seeing the chaos on stage. He wasn’t feeling great so towards the end of the show he was ready to go.

5-9-13 046

After the show, Sam’s class had their end of the year party. This was post snacks with chocolate and cheese all over his face.

5-9-13 047

I tried to get a picture of Sam with his teachers but he refused. I begged and promised and tried to trick him in to it but he just wouldn’t do it. I even showed him a picture of Reese with her two year old teachers and he still wouldn’t budge. Stinker!

5-9-13 048

We had fun celebrating the school year with Sam and his classmates. I can’t believe his school year has come to an end...this day kind of snuck up on me since Reese still has a couple of weeks left. I need to get pictures of him today so we can compare them to his first day of school.

5-9-13 050

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