Friday, May 31, 2013


Reese had her first swim meet last night. She was so excited!

5-31-13 050

They write all of their races on their arms. Some of the big kids even drew pictures and other words on their bodies. I am glad Reese stuck with her name and events on her arm. I imagine before the summer is over she will want to do what the big kids are doing.

5-31-13 052

She had so much fun swimming each event. I thought she may get a little nervous with the number of people lining the pool but she didn’t even mention it.

5-31-13 057

GO, Reesey-bug, GO!

5-31-13 060

She swam a 25 freestyle, 25 backstroke, and was the second leg in a free relay. They dive off the blocks in the deep end but have a seated start in the shallow end.

5-31-13 103

While the kids were swimming, Sam and Hallie played on the phone. Even though Hallie is Reese’s BFF, I am pretty sure Sam might like her even more. He asked her if she wanted to come over to our house. We were leaving half way through the meet because the little kids are done by then. Hallie’s big sisters still had to swim during the second half.

5-31-13 113

She said yes and they decided she would have a sleep over…her first.

5-31-13 114

And it was a success. The girls stayed up until 11:30ish watching a movie on the iPad in Reese’s room. When Reese woke up this morning, she woke Hallie up and said, “You made it through the night!”. They both got big grins on their faces. If Sam could have slept in Reese’s room too, I bet he would have in a second.

5-31-13 041

This morning they got their ribbons and a donut. Reese was super excited to get her ribbons!

5-31-13 112

We were super proud of how well Reese did. She had a blast and that is all we wanted.

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