Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swim and Tennis

Reese is loving swim team! I told some one the other day that I am surprised at how much she loves it. Tuesday they had a mock meet and had the blocks out. When we walked in and saw them she said she didn’t want to jump off of them. I told her she would be fine and we moved on. Once practice started and everyone else was jumping off of them she didn’t even flinch.

photo 1

She went right for it and I was so proud of her. As she swam down the lane during her race she had a huge grin on her face every time she came up for air. It was so cute. She also did so well doing back stroke during the mock meet. For some reason she doesn’t do very well with that during practice but she acted like she was a pro on Tuesday.

photo 2

While Reese is at practice, Sam plays in the baby pool. The first few days the water was so cold. If you look closely at Sam’s lips you can see that they are purple. He was so cold but was loving every minute of it.


Last weekend there was a free two hour tennis clinic in the same neighborhood that she swims in. She was so excited to try tennis out. There were two other little girls from her school in her age group. Reese is the one in pink on the left. The last thing they did was hit volleys at the net. They had to aim at targets on the other side. If they hit a target, they won a prize. The prize was a new grip for their racket. Reese came home with two new grips!

photo 3

After the clinic they had this banner that the kids could stand in front of for a picture. He told her to make her meanest tennis face and this was it…

photo 4

This summer I hope to find a tennis camp for her so that she can play some more. She really enjoyed it and I think she thought it was fun to do something that mommy does. It has been fun for me to see the new things that Reese is trying.

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