Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Round-up

Thursday started Sam’s summer vacation so we went to the train park with one of Sam’s best little buddies from preschool. They played hard on the playground and then we walked through the train tunnel. It was fun to see how they interacted and played together.

5-13-13 224

Friday we headed out to Gwinnett County’s Relay for Life.

5-13-13 242

It was a BIG night for Reese. As you may or may not know, Reese has been scared of “dressed-up people” for ever. I asked Becca if she would go and take my and Hayes’ picture with Maximus. When Reese heard that she said she wanted to go too. After this picture you would have thought she won the lottery. She was so giddy and told everyone how brave she was. Later that evening she even high-fived a dressed up chicken. We had seen this chicken’s costume laying in a chair earlier in the evening so that might have been a big help in getting her over the fear.

5-13-13 244

My mom’s school was selling these helium balloons that walked. Papa was so sweet to buy the kids one. They have really been a hit.

5-13-13 245

This is a group shot of all of our family that was there.

5-13-13 247

We were there for the survivors walk. Shortly after it got dark, Hayes had had enough so we headed home.

5-13-13 252

5-13-13 253

In the words of Reese, “We didn’t have as much fun this year!”. We were a little disappointed in it this year. We always have so much fun but this year seemed to be lacking in the entertainment.

5-13-13 255

Saturday was Reese’s school carnival. I decided to take her by myself. They had bounce houses, face painting, raffles, cakes walks, music and food. It was a fun little event.

5-13-13 230

Sunday Reese decided that we needed more Mommy/daughter time at the nail salon. It was super busy there so they made me and Reese share a chair. I was very disappointed in this. If I had come in with a friend, we wouldn’t have had to share a chair.

5-13-13 232

Reese didn’t like it either but we enjoyed our time together.

5-13-13 233

We cooked out Sunday night as a family and just enjoyed our time together.

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