Friday, May 31, 2013

Recital ~ 2013

It has been a busy few days for us! Yesterday afternoon Reese had her dress rehearsal for her ballet recital which was tonight. At the rehearsal we can take pictures and videos right up at the stage. I love being able to get these pictures of her.

5-31-13 026

She always has the biggest grin when she is on stage. I really wanted to get her is some sort of drama camp this summer because of this love but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen with our schedule.

5-31-13 030

This morning when she realized it was her recital day she started jumping up and down and squealing.

5-31-13 034

This year’s theme was Alice in Wonderland and her class was Fireflies…I don’t really know the relation to the theme though.

5-31-13 115

They were cute none the less. My parents, my grandma, and Lance’s mom all made the trek for the show so she came home with three bouquets of flowers.

5-31-13 122

We had the boys with us too. They both did surprisingly well.

5-31-13 126

We were all so proud of Reese and loved getting to watch her shine.

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Carrie Beth said...

She looked adorable and you are right about her just shining on the stage! My girls have their recital this weekend and I can't wait.