Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Swim Team

Reese is doing swim team in a neighborhood near us this summer. Last week they started practice. The first day it was so cold so they just did some land exercises. She was soooo disappointed. She wanted to get in the pool so bad. I kept telling her she would have been miserable but she didn’t believe me.

5-13-13 220

Finally the next day they got to get in the pool. It seems like mass chaos but I am sure the coaches have some method to the madness. I was a nervous wreck the first couple of days. Reese was doing great swimming in the pool at the end of last summer. She even swam the full length a couple of times. But, she hasn’t been in the pool again since then so this was her first time back at it.

5-13-13 221

The first couple of days I stood near the edge of the pool and paced back and forth. I have tried to be less crazy this week and just relax. I know she can get herself to the lane ropes or the side of the pool if she needs to.

5-13-13 222

She has loved every minute of it…even when it was freezing yesterday. I can’t wait to see how the meets go. I think she will love those as well!

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