Wednesday, July 6, 2016

3rd of July

The day after we got home from our cruise fell on one of our favorite days of the year. A sweet city nearby does fireworks every year on the 3rd of July and it has become tradition to spend the evening there. This year it fell on a Sunday. The rule is that you are not allowed to put blankets, chairs, etc out in your spot until 4:00 pm. The first year we followed the rules and had a hard time finding a space so each year we go a little earlier and blankets are every where. This year, Anna and I headed out around 1:30 to take our blankets and chairs and again it was packed. Luckily we found a spot in our normal area to set up our stuff. Some one said the blankets started getting put out on the lawn around 10:00 that morning!

Reese spent the day with some friends and I tried to get the boys to nap but I think Hayes was the only one who did. We went out to eat with friends before heading back down to the fireworks. We arrived around 7:00 and ran in to my cousin Celeste and her husband Shane. We got set up and visited with them for a minute before they headed off to hang out with their friends. This year was extra special because Reese had her two best friends together to hang out with. We bought tons of patriotic tattoos and glow-in-the-dark toys (balloons, necklaces, etc). The girls decided to put on mustache tattoos.

The fireworks were great as always and we loved all the time we had together!

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