Thursday, July 21, 2016

Golf Camp

Several months ago we had been talking about having Sam go to golf camp over the summer. He likes playing baseball but I am not sure he loves it. We wanted him to experience other sports while he is so young and thought this would be a great opportunity for him. Soon after we made that decision, our neighbor shows up at our house with a set of kid size golf clubs that had been his sons. It was perfect timing and just what help Sam decide he did want to go to camp. I signed him up soon after that and we talked and talked about it. We saw a dri-fit type golf polo shirt at Target and he wanted it for camp. He was excited...until it was actually time to go. My little home-body mama's boy cried when it was actually time for me to leave him at camp. 

I left him there quickly and came back when it was over two hours later. He seemed to be doing well and enjoying himself. The woman who was the instructor pulled me to the side when it was over and said he cried a lot that morning and said she hoped he was better the next day.

Well, the next day he was not happy to be going to camp again. Since I was taking Reese to CFA for breakfast, I promised him a Frosted Lemonade if he would keep it together. We sat there under the tent until his group walked off to go to one of the greens to learn about putting.

My favorite thing they learned was to take your hat off and look a person in the eye when you are greeting them/shaking their hand. It really was so cute to see him do that because in situations where he is being shy he will look at the ground. But doing this made him look so grown up.

Wednesday they got to actually play a few holes. Lance took the day off so he could drive the cart for Sam (it was required that a parent participate). Lance said he was really impressed with how well Sam did. Each morning they talked about things that happened the previous day and on Thursday morning one of the instructors said how well Sam drove the ball during their round.

Thursday was the last day and we had plans to go to White Water after camp. I promised Sam that if he didn't cry this day, I would pick him up early to head to White Water. He was still teary-eyed when I left but was all smiles when I picked him up to leave. He says he does not want to do golf camp again but I think if I throw a friend in the mix next time he will have a blast.

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