Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vacation~Cruise 2016~Part 4

Thursday we tendered in to Grand Cayman. We walked around this very commercialized area for a little while and then went shopping. We hadn't bought the kids any souvenirs so we decided to buy shirts for everyone that day. We had lunch at Margaritaville with my parents and Leah.

There was a slide at the restaurant that the kids had a blast on. They did this over and over and over.

That night was another formal night so we decided to get some pictures of every one.

After dinner we had to bribe our kids to go to the kids club for a little while. Once we finally got them there, Lance and I hung out with my parents, Becca, Tommy and Leah for a bit playing cards while they waited for a comedy show. We weren't going to be able to stay for the whole show because the kids club was going to close before it was over. So once it was about to start, we went and met Tricia and Nathan in the casino. I played the slots with $10 and lost that about as fast as I could hit the buttons.

Friday was our last day on the boat and it was a day at sea. They had a Cat in the Hat breakfast. You had to make reservations for this so it was just the five of us and my parents. It was pretty cute.

After breakfast we took the kids to the pool for a little while and then sent them to the kids club for a couple of hours while we relaxed with everyone else. We picked them up at 3:00 and then went to play bingo. While we were waiting they did a salsa dancing lesson on the stage and these crazy monkeys were the first ones up there. There were three rounds of Bingo. Sam was saying he didn't feel good so after the second round I took all three boys back to our room to relax and watch a movie. While they watched the movie I started packing up our things. Once bingo was over, Lance, Reese, Tricia, and Nathan came back to our room shouting that Nathan had won the biggest round of the night. I didn't believe them at first but finally realized they were not kidding. And it was not chump change!! I was so bummed we left too early! The boys would have been so excited!

That night we decided to skip dinner in the dining room and just eat pizza. It was Friday of course so pizza and a movie was on my kids radar. Luckily they were showing Zootopia by the pool that night so the kids did a little night swimming and watched a movie at the same time.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early ready to head home. We waited at the airport for a little while and then it was time to board. There were 11 of us from our family on our flight home. Once we were back at our car, it was like nothing had ever happened. Vacation is so funny that way. We were back in our routine and ready to start life back at home again.

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