Monday, July 18, 2016

July Fun

It didn't take us long to get back in to the groove of things after returning home from vacation. 

Six Flags fun!

All of the kids had a sleep over in Hayes's room

Lance and I had a date night to celebrate my birthday...it was an interesting night for sure!

We got to meet two of my cousin's sweet babies. They live too far away so when they came home their parents had a get together for everyone. It was so sweet and LOVED getting to snuggle some babies!

Reese went to Sparkles for the first time.

The kids had a dentist appointment...Hayes's first visit!

Another sleep over was had with the kids...this time in the foyer. I really didn't think they would sleep there all night but they did!

Time with friends. Kristin had the boys at her house and I had Maddy and Reese. I totally came out on the top of that deal so I owe her big next time.

We went to see one of Brody's baseball games. We are so proud of him and how well he plays.

We went out on the lake with our friends on their boat. I really didn't know what to expect with the kids but they had a blast! We could have easily stayed out on the lake the whole day.

Sam had four days of golf camp. He is so cute with his clubs on his back. However, he was not thrilled for me to leave him each day. He cried and cried each time I dropped him off. On Wednesday they got to play a few holes and they had to have a caddy so Lance took the day off to hang out with him. After their time on the course was over, we met up at White Water for a family day.

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