Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Reese is NINE!

I put off writing this post (it is already August 2nd) because I think I am in denial. I don't know how it is possible that Reese is already nine. I mean, she is halfway through her childhood and that breaks my heart! I don't want these next nine years to go as fast as these first nine have gone. We are starting to see some maturing and growth in her personality. She has moments where she is so helpful and caring. We have great conversations and discuss big things. However, there are still those moments of spice that are well known to our girl. She has great manners outside of the house but we are also working on tact. She is such a sweet friend and has her moments of sweetness with her brothers. She usually aims to please as long as it is a good day. She is so smart and so brave. She will jump in to a challenge head first. It is funny the things she chooses to be brave about though. For instance, she loves Rock n Rollercoaster at WDW and she loves the Mindbender at Six Flags (two rides that go upside down) but she refused to ride Dare Devil this summer at Six Flags. Now that we don't have as much time to go, she is regretting that decision. She still loves art and crafting and of course cheering. She is so excited for this football season to start. She is pumped for fourth grade and has no reservations about it at all.

She was so excited to wake up and be celebrated. She couldn't wait to open her presents. She had been asking for a Fitbit for a while. Lucky for her, right before her birthday, Lance won a new Fitbit at a conference so I got his hand me down because mine broke and Fitbit would not replace it. The warranty was expired on mine so Fitbit gave me a 25% discount code so we used that to buy Reese one. She was so excited and it has been interesting to see her activity each day. We also bought her an Alex Morgan US soccer team jersey. She can't wait to sport that during the Olympics. And she got that cute little Tervis Tumbler that she spied at Target one day.

Wearing her "Birthday Girl" shirt that my mom made her.

After we dropped Sam off at golf camp, we headed to CFA for her favorite breakfast! Once we picked him up we headed to a friend's pool that is so fun. The kids played and played and had a blast.

That evening she wanted to go eat Mexican food and see Finding Dory with Hallie.

The movie was super cute and they loved it!

We had a full day and loved celebrating our favorite girl!

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