Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vacation~Cruise 2016~Part 2

I finally took the birthday decorations to my parents room myself...

Monday was our first stop in Cozumel. We booked an excursion that took us by catamaran to Isla Passion where we got to enjoy the beach.

The water was amazingly beautiful. We didn't take any pictures once we were on the island because we were busy swimming in the water, hanging out in the water hammocks, and eating! This excursion was the perfect family excursion.

Hayes fell asleep in my arms on the catamaran back to Cozumel. He stayed asleep on the entire long walk back to the boat and then woke up once we were back in our room. We showered and relaxed for a bit and then headed out for dinner. We had some time to kill so we played UNO while we waited. Luckily we ran in to Tricia and her family and they joined us in playing.

Tuesday morning we woke up in Belize. We have zero pictures of our own from this day because we forgot to put the battery back in our camera. This day we had to tender in to the island. My family of five, Tricia's family of three, and Leah all spent the day together. When we got off the tender boat we decided we wanted to explore so we paid for a horse and buggy tour of the city we were in (which I really don't even remember what it was). We went that route because it was the cheapest...ha! It was a little sketchy but we enjoyed getting to see where we were. Now that we all survived, I can say we enjoyed it. Our tour guide was a sweet lady and she had a lot of information.

However, she dropped us off about 50 yards from the terminal to get back to the tender boats and there were some pretty scary people around. Once we were back through the security area we took a deep breath and laughed. Sam and Haiden bought these shark necklaces and were pretty cool in them. Leah, Lance, and Nathan all went in to an open air bar by the water to get a drink. We let the kids explore the shops for a minute before heading back to the tender boat.

We didn't bring the camera with us to dinner that night but I am sure dinner consisted of eating, drinking, and spilling something. That night there was another show but it wasn't very good and Hayes was sleepy so we headed out early from the show and went to bed.

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