Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fun Day!

Last summer my friend Kristin and I surprised our kids with a Fun Day in downtown Atlanta. Since that day, our kids have been asking what we were going to do this summer for a Fun Day. The summer was crazy busy and we almost missed out on Fun Day but we made it happen this last week of summer. I woke my kids up early singing that it was Fun Day. They all woke up super excited but their behavior getting ready almost cost them their fun day. When we got to Kristin's they seemed to be having a similar morning so we just laughed it off and headed towards Helen with smiles on our faces. Our girls decided that Fun Day had to be something that we had never done before. Kristin and I finally settled on tubing down the river. 

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to. When we paid the girl at the checkout she said, "You guys are brave!" As we were boarding the bus to take us to the drop off spot, a man in line said the same thing. We looked at each other as if to say "Are we crazy?". One of the sweet workers on the bus helped us get all eight of us in to the river in our tubes and took our picture. Our tubes had bottoms which ended up being the best thing because that water was cold! Kristin and I each attached our tubes to our babies, the girls were attached and our middle boys were attached.

This picture makes me laugh because Hayes is still dry. He kept reaching over his tube in to the water and I kept telling him he was going to flip in to the water but he didn't listen. Right after this picture he toppled right over. His face was hilarious when he popped up out of the water. Like I said, the water was cold so it was a big shock.

The girls did great. We kept joking that Maddy was meant to be a river guide. She did a lot of work. Because there has not been much rain this summer, the river was a little low and we got stuck on rocks quite often. Every time I looked, Maddy was working hard to get them off a rock by using the push stick or climbing out and pulling them around the rocks. Reese was just sitting back and letting Maddy do the work.

We tried to stay together but we would get separated occasionally.

The boys were so cute on their tubes. They did great too but needed a little more help and wanted to be close to us.

There was a stop we could make and play on these water slides. The kids had a lot of fun doing this but I don't think we would do that again.

We ended up having so much fun and I am so glad that is what we chose for our Fun Day. Next time we would definitely buy (or bring) a push stick for each set of tubes and wear some type of water shoes. Other than that it was such a fun, exciting day and we can't wait to take the daddies back next time!

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