Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy Busy Weekend

We have had a busy weekend! Friday after gymnastics we went to visit our old gymnastics buddy, Kay-Kay. Her mommy just had a baby recently so Kay-Kay got moved in to the big girl class for gymnastics. In this class she does not have Mommy there to tell her what to do...she has to listen to the teacher. So she is not in Reese's class for now. We will move Reese in to that class soon. Now she has a neighborhood friend in class with her for the summer. Back to Friday...we went to visit them. We, of course, wanted to see them but we also wanted to meet the new addition!! She was a precious little baby and so good. While the baby napped the girls played outside in the pool and the mommies got to catch up. Reese LOVED it (and so did Mommy)!

...now I am on the hunt for this pool...Reese loved it too much to pass up!

They also played with some toys. This picture cracks me up every time I look at it. First of all they look so grown up. Now look at this pictures, add about 15 years, and a boy in that car!! Haha!

After they played outside for a while it was time for naps so we stripped them down outside so they didn't drip the water from their bathing suits inside. Once inside they immediately took off naked to the playroom. While we were busy bringing some of their stuff inside I went to check on them...especially with Reese being naked...didn't want any accidents. When I peeked around the corner I saw them on the big slide jumping up and down and having the greatest time...naked!! It was hilarious! We both ran to get our cameras. I got a video that is just too funny but don't think it would be right to post it on here...believe me it is funny!! This picture will have to do...and it doesn't even do justice to the amount of fun these two were having.

Saturday we went to a first birthday party. Reese's friend, Robert, actually turned one in April but around his birthday was a crazy time so his mom decided to hold off on his birthday party. It was a super cute and fun party. Reese and Tucker took turns riding in the wagon...they both love the wagon!

We had to leave the birthday party early because my mom's friends from her old school threw a surprise congratulations party for her. Well...it was supposed to be a surprise. We got there a little later than we were supposed to and she pulled in right behind us...and then parked right next to us as we were trying to hide from her. Sorry Mom for spoiling the surprise.

Today we went to a BBQ with some friends who have all had babies recently. Three babies born between January and March. Here is a picture of Reese holding "Baby Cah-er" (Baby Connor). She talks about her a lot and was so very excited to hold her. When I went to take Connor away Reese got very mad!! She was so sweet with her and loved holding her.

We also added Baby Caroline to the mix. Reese thought she was in heaven holding two babies. She is going to be such a GREAT big sister!!


Cathy said...

What great pics and a wonderful weekend you had...wish Reese was closer to play with Ava...she loves kids!!

Tucker's Mom said...

awesome pics! Reese has the cutest little party dresses... did you find the pool? I think it's awesome and would love to get one for Tucker!