Monday, June 22, 2009

Patience...testing 1, 2, 3

Friday Reese really tested my patience...she is definitely testing her boundaries to see what she can get a way with. After her nap we headed out to run some errands. A new Hobby Lobby opened up so I wanted to go check it out. If you have ever been there, you know how small their buggies are. I put Reese in it and thought she would be fine. I was wrong. She did everything she could to be a stinker while in the store. She kept kicking her shoes off so I finally just threw them in the buggy. Then she decided it would be a great idea to try to stand up in the buggy...over and over and over. I repeatedly sat her back down and told her she could not do that. She just got more and more mad. After a while she started screaming...louder and louder. While I tried to ignore her I noticed that other people are looking at me. Hey people, I am only try to keep her safe...not abusing her...turn around...don't you have your own kids to tend to? Finally I just left. She screamed all the way to the car and cried most of the way home. I was done so I called Lance and told him that I would be leaving when he got home. I needed some mommy time. I made them dinner, got them set up at the table, and left. I got my own food and ate it in a parking lot...silence. Then I spent over an hour in JoAnn's just looking around...heaven. When I came back home I felt like my head was a little more clear. Lance and Reese were in the backyard laying sod and playing.

I finally found a great deal on a slide for Reese on Craigslist. It just so happened to be a couple of miles from my mom's school so she picked it up for us and brought it out to the house. Reese enjoyed playing on it while Daddy layed the sod.

She also enjoyed playing in the water and mud. Look how full that diaper is from the water.

I saw this sweet little footprint on the slide and had to snap a picture of it.

Look how dirty she got.

She helped Daddy put sand under the sod. "Is this how you do it, Daddy?"

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Tucker's Mom said...

Wow! When I was reading your episode at Hobby Lobby, I was thinking that Tucker does this a lot, and he's not even two yet.. how scary is that? Reese looks like she is living in her diaper this summer. too cute! Can't wait to see you both tomorrow!