Friday, June 26, 2009

Trauma or Drama

Only time will tell. Today was the dreaded day. We gave Reese's beloved pacies to Baby Connor. Reese and I have been talking about this day all week. I told her big girls don't need pacies but babies can have them. Then she said, "Baby Cah-er?". "Exactly, Reese, like Baby Connor." It worked out perfectly. We watched Connor today while her mommy went to a funeral. When it was time for her to leave we put all of Reese's pacies in a sandwich bag to give to Connor.

Here is Reese with the bag...this is like a goldmine to her!!

I had Reese hand Connor the bag of pacies...but then she went back in to take them away. I told her they were Connor's pacies now and she cried. It was heartbreaking but I knew this would not be easy for any of us. I actually ended up taking one of the pacies back out of the bag (without Reese seeing) and kept it in case this is just a disaster.

Reese is in bed for her first nap without her paci! When I layed her down she asked for it and I simply said, "Baby Connor has the pacies now." She cried for a few minutes but now is just chatting in bed with her babies as usual. She will occasionally whimper just a little. Hopefully she will get in a good nap today (since she played through her whole nap time yesterday). We will see how tonight goes. It might be a little rough but she will survive...and hopefully we will too!!!

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