Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Pictures and Thoughts

This is what it looks like when we are going to the pool. Seriously?!? Do we need that much stuff? I can't even imagine what it is going to be like with two kids!

Today Reese has been a stinker. She has been doing the exact opposite of everything that I have asked or told her to do. While we were at the pool she was able to get out of the gate (which should lock automatically) and run in to the parking lot before I could get to her. I was yelling at her to stop and she just smiled and kept running. I guess you can imagine that confrontation did not go well once I got to her.

I am pretty sure one of her favorite things to do is take out EVERY toy she has after I have put them all away. Here she is just being silly by standing in this car.

Daddy called on his way home from work so Reese got a turn to talk to him on speaker. (I have to put it on speaker so that I can be the interpreter most of the time.) She loves to talk on the phone though!!

These last few days since we have been home from Jax have been a challenge but I think we have turned a corner. Since Reese slept with me every night and nap for four days she thought she could sleep with me once we were home. The first night home I put her down around normal bed time and she went to be with out a fight. But about 1.5 hours later she woke up screaming and wanting to sleep in my bed. We didn't really fight it and let her. The next night when I put her down she screamed for a good 45 minutes non stop. So I just put her in my bed knowing we could eventually get this over with. That night she slept in our bed the whole night!! The next night I put her in bed and she went to sleep fine and again woke up a couple of hours later and wanted to get in our bed. I let her sleep there for a little while but then moved her back in to her bed because I didn't want her to wake up in our bed in the morning. She is unlike any other kid I know. Most kids will stay asleep if you are moving them around but not her. She wakes up immediately when being moved. She cried as I took her to bed but fell back to sleep pretty fast. Wednesday night I decided to try to make her crib more like our bed so I gave her a pillow to sleep on and a blanket to cover up with. She fell asleep pretty fast and slept the whole night on her pillow...in her bed! Victory!! Here's hoping for the same tonight!!

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