Sunday, June 7, 2009

We Are Back...

...from probably the most beautiful wedding I have ever been too. I know it was the most beautiful church I have EVER been in!!

From the beginning...Wednesday we (the three of us and Becca [starring as the nanny]) drove down to Ponte Vedra Beach for Lance's cousin Claire's wedding. We got in around 4:00 that afternoon, checked-in to the hotel, got everything settled, and then headed out to dinner with the beautiful couple (as seen below), her dad, and some friends. We ate at a local place on the Intercoastal that if you drove by too fast you would miss it. It had amazing food...especially the crab cakes. While we were eating we looked out on the patio and saw Clark Howard and his wife...random!! We didn't want to be "those people" so we let him enjoy his time. The dinner and company was perfect!!

Claire and Bryan

Thursday was our only slow day so we decided to make the most of it out at the beach. Reese loved almost every minute of it. She loved playing in the sand but wasn't too sure about the waves crashing on her feet or her feet sinking in the sand while the waves were crashing on them. I can not wait to take her to the beach again later this summer!

Reese and Daddy playing in the sand.

The end result of playing in the sand...a dirty butt.

After our time at the beach we went back to the hotel to rest. Lance went out and played golf while I tried to get Reese down for a nap. The whole week she slept in my bed...she did not once sleep in the pack n play. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep this week due to the kicks, flops, and elbows to the nose.

Reese woke up extra grumpy from her nap because she did not get a nap on Wednesday, did not sleep well Wednesday night, and then took a quick nap. That night we were invited to go to a welcome party. Because Reese was so grumpy we made a last minute decision to leave her at the hotel with Becca. We were able to see some of their family friends that we hadn't seen in a while, meet some of the people in town for the wedding we had not met before, and had a lot of fun. We left the party and went back to the hotel a little early to try to get a better nights sleep (for us and Reese).

Friday morning Lance left bright and early to play golf again while Reese and I got ready for the bridal luncheon...Reese was one of the flower girls. Some of Claire's moms friends put together a beautiful luncheon and the food was so yummy. Half way through lunch Reese started getting bored and wanted to explore. I was keeping a tight leash on her because the house was not baby proof and she could have easily broken a million things!! She was about two seconds away from sitting in time out when Claire gave her a bucket full of gifts. It was perfect timing!! It had everything Reese loves in it...coloring books, Elmo, stickers...everything!!

Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Reese was one of two flower girls. The other one was five so Reese was in heaven! She would hold her hand and follow any big kid anywhere. The dinner was at Maggiano's and was delicious...(I think that was the theme of my weekend...yummy food!!) Reese and her cousins went back to the hotel with Becca while we went to dinner. We had a great time knowing that Becca was taking care of Reese. Dinner and the company was great! Reese was still awake when we got back that night after 11!!!

Reese and the other flower girl...Reese didn't understand that she needed to move her basket to the other hand to hold hands so this is how they practiced.

Saturday we spent the morning at the pool but then it started storming on us just like it did every other day we were down there. So after lunch we decided to all take a nap. I really wanted Reese to get a great nap in before the wedding...she slept for 2.5 hours!!
We arrived at the church, I dressed Reese and we waited for the ceremony to start. I was so nervous! When I went to take my seat Reese started crying. But the fabulous Aunt Becky quickly straightened her up. Becca was in the back instructing Reese to hold hands and walk to mommy. The two flower girls did it perfect! Reese just walked down the aisle, holding hands and looking at everybody. When she got to me she yelled out, "Mommy Reese hold hands", and everyone around there cracked up. I slid her in to my lap, stuffed her pacy in her mouth to stay quiet, and told her what a great job she did. I did not have my camera to capture it but the other flower girls dad did so I am hoping to get those soon. After Claire came down the aisle and was given away, Becca snuck down to get Reese and take her out. It was a Catholic wedding with a full mass so I knew she would NEVER make it through that. Reese was upset to leave so Becca took her out to the car to watch a movie until the wedding was over. When the wedding was over Reese decided she did not want to take pictures with the bridal party but we were fine with that...she did her job perfectly!!

Our sweet little flower girl so happy to be done.

Proud Daddy!!

Proud Mommy

And Proud Aunt Becky! This weekend would not have gone anywhere if it hadn't been for Becca. She was the perfect "nanny" for Reese. I am pretty sure we will need to pay her and take her with us everywhere. She kept up with Reese like a pro and Reese loved having her there. Aunt Becky, we owe you!!! You are the best!!!!

The reception was at the Tournament Players Club and was perfect. Everybody was having a ball. The dance floor wasn't empty all night and at one point we looked around and almost everyone was on the dance floor.
Sunday morning we just woke up when Reese did...around 9:30!! We took our time getting things together and leaving. We had only been able to visit with Lance's grandmother for a few minutes at the wedding so we stopped by to see her on our way home.

The drive home always seems so long and we all were so ready to get home. Reese was so good this whole weekend and was perfect in the car ride home.

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