Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to a couple of wonderful Dad's out there...Reese's and mine!!

We had a fun father's day today. This morning we got up and Lance and Reese colored for a little while, we had one of our favorite breakfast foods...orange rolls, gave Lance his present and went to church. We got him photography classes at The Showcase School of Photography. Ever since we got our SLR he has wanted to take a photography class so we hooked him up! Hopefully he will enjoy the classes and I can benefit from them too. ; )

After church we went to lunch at a restaurant up on the lake. It was super casual...as in people dock their boats and come in to eat in their bathing suits...but we enjoyed it and it was a great place for kids.

We went with a couple of families from our small group. These two girls have to be Reese's two favorite people. Their big sister babysits for Reese while we are at small group and she has definitely taken to them. She follows them around everywhere.

After lunch we headed home for a much needed nap for all of us. It was fabulous to sit in the chair and go to sleep. I am pretty sure we slept for two hours. After Reese woke up we decided to make some sandwiches for dinner and head to the pool. We ate our dinner there, people watched and played in the pool for a little while. Over all I think we had a fun father's day...hopefully Daddy thinks so too!!

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