Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Reunion

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early in Jacksonville for our two and a half hour drive to Bulloch, GA.  We were headed there for the Fordham Family Reunion.  This year was the 100th consecutive year that this reunion was held.  There were just about 100 people there too. It is fun to hear old stories, see old pictures, and meet family members that you have never met before.

7-23-11 176

I remember going to these when we were little and having a blast with my cousins. This year Reese and my cousin’s daughter, Ava (ten months younger than Reese), had fun coloring and playing together. They were so sweet together and I am glad Reese had a little friend there.

7-23-11 177

Sam enjoyed all of the extra attention and just getting to run around.

7-23-11 180

I wish I had gotten more pictures with everyone but it was just so busy and it didn’t happen.  I did get pictures of the kids with my grandparents.  Here they are with Peggy (aka Grammie).

7-23-11 181

7-23-11 187

And here they are with Papa.  Reese was telling Sam to make a silly face.

7-23-11 185

I feel so blessed to have family that love my husband and that my husband loves my family.  Papa and Lance (along with my Uncle Hawk) are the only Tech fans in the family so they have to stick together.

7-23-11 190

Three of my favorite guys!

7-23-11 191

And my favorite picture of the day…this is me and my cousin Tricia who is 16 days older than me.  We grew up playing together and getting all the same Christmas presents.  She has a son who is a few months younger than Sam and I can’t wait to see them play together one day the way Reese and Ava played together today!

7-23-11 192

It was such a very special day and I am glad we were able to catch up with everyone.  Our three and a half hour drive home was pretty uneventful and we were all so happy to be home and sleep in our own beds.

We had a great week and feel so blessed to have been able to do all of this in one week!!

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