Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Holiday Weekend ~ Sunday

On Sunday evening our downtown area had a concert and fireworks.  We originally planned on trying to get down to the concert area but chose to set ourselves up in the shade on a church lawn.  The church had music playing, bounce houses set-up, snow cones and popcorn for sale, and tons of fun. 

7-5-11 183

7-5-11 184

It was SO hot!

7-5-11 189

We got to the church around 5:30.  The kids were really good despite the miserable heat. Around 8:30 I took Reese in the church to use the restroom and while we were in there it started thundering.  When we got back to Lance and Sam it started sprinkling.  Lance decided to pack up some of our stuff and take it to the car so that if it did start raining we didn’t have to get it all together. 

7-5-11 186

While he was gone to the car there was a huge strike of lightening and I decided that we needed to wait in the car for a little while to be safe.  We got in the car, cooled off some and then it started pouring down rain.  Fortunately, we had parked in the perfect area.  We turned our car around and were able to watch the fireworks from the safety of our car.  It was perfect.  Sam sat in my lap and said “whoa!'” over and over.  Reese sat in between us in the front for a while and then sat in Lance’s lap. While the fireworks show was going on it was lightening in the background.  It was really pretty to see and we wished we could have taken pictures of it.  God was putting on his own show during the fireworks show. I loved us all being snuggled up together in the car watching the fireworks.

I tried to get a picture of the kids as soon as we set up our little area but they were not really interested in posing or smiling for me.

7-5-11 178

7-5-11 179

7-5-11 180

Monday we spent the morning at my parent’s neighborhood pool and then had lunch with them and Becca and Tommy.  No pictures were taken but a lot of fun was had.  I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!

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Jenny said...

so cute Renee - I LOVE the kids outfits! You'll have to tell me where you found them!