Monday, July 25, 2011


Friday morning we woke up to rain, took our time getting ready, packed the cars, and started our journey to Jacksonville (about a five-six hour drive). About a half mile down the road my parents got rear ended.  Not a great way to start the trip.  While they dealt with that (which ended with the driver of the other car getting arrested) we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Then we were on our way.

We arrived in Jax around 5:00 and Lance’s cousin, Claire, had a bag of presents there for Reese because she wasn’t able to be there. We stayed with Lance’s uncle, Charles, and he had a birthday cake there for Reese.  It was like her birthday all over again.  It was so sweet!

7-23-11 159

7-23-11 160

For dinner we headed down to the beach at Salt Life.  It was yummy and had a great setting!!

7-23-11 166

Lance and Charles did Oyster Shooters. 

7-23-11 167

It was a shot of beer with a raw oyster and some other stuff in it.  It made me gag just reading the description but they both enjoyed it.

7-23-11 168

We had a great time at dinner.

7-23-11 172

7-23-11 175

After dinner we went back to Charles’ house for some birthday cake, bed time for the kids, visiting for the adults and then bed time for the adults because we had an early wake-up the next morning.

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