Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Holiday Weekend ~ Saturday

We had such a busy and wonderful Fourth of July weekend.  I can’t believe it has come and gone already. 

Lance has been working a ton lately so Saturday was deemed “family day”.  “Family Day” took us to Chattanooga.  While in Chattanooga we visited Rock City and the Aquarium.

We got to Rock City around 10:30 and it was already heating up outside but since most of it is in the shade it wasn’t terrible (until you were in the sun). 

7-5-11 001

Reese was our official tour guide.  She kept us on track with the map.

7-5-11 011

Lance didn’t make his way in to many pictures because he was carrying the camera.  I tried to get him to put it away and just enjoy himself but now looking back at the pictures I am glad he was snapping away!

7-5-11 032

Reese was either running from the camera or posing for it.  She was so silly.

7-5-11 037

Poor Sam.  I don’t think he has ever walked that much in his life.  He was such a trooper though.  He would walk for a long time and then when he was tired he would run around in front of me and reach up to be carried for a little while.

7-5-11 042

I was amazed at how well both kids did in the hot sun and all the walking.

7-5-11 058

7-5-11 061

7-5-11 067

“Fat Man Squeeze”

7-5-11 070

It was a gorgeous day Saturday! The sky was bright blue and no clouds in the sky.

7-5-11 078

7-5-11 081

Reese was most excited about “Fairyland Caverns”.  It was the last thing to see and great because it was inside with dark, cool air.

7-5-11 094

After Rock City, we headed to downtown Chattanooga for lunch and then on to the aquarium.

7-5-11 115

The Tennessee Aquarium is a completely different experience than the Georgia Aquarium.  I think the set up is much easier to maneuver in Tennessee but the exhibits are not nearly as impressive as Georgia.

7-5-11 127

The largest exhibit was a large wall of all types of fish, turtles, etc. 

7-5-11 128

7-5-11 132

I was shocked when Reese said she wanted to touch these sturgeons.  She tried to reach for them but was never able to get to it.  They were staying too low in the water.

7-5-11 138

This shell is from the world’s largest turtle.  Can you imagine seeing that??

7-5-11 164

There was a full exhibit about turtles that was so cool.  They had tons of different types of turtles and empty shells.

7-5-11 170

Lance and I did this same trip (Rock City and Aquarium) when we were dating.  We both agreed that this trip was totally different but way better than the last time!  Trips with kids may be much harder but are so much more worth it!

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AA said...

What a fun trip! I'm adding this to my list of things to do once we get back to ATL.