Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Weekend of Fun

Saturday we went to Jackson (1st) and Mitchell’s (4th) joint birthday party.   I really wish I had snapped a picture of Reese and Mitchell together but the kids were wild so it didn’t happen.  Mitchell was Reese’s first ever play date.

While at the party the kids played and had a great time inside and outside (where it was super hot).  Sam and Lance spent a lot of time at this train table.  We have now officially decided to ask Santa for a train table for Christmas.

7-31-11 009

Outside Sam found a baseball tee, ball, and bat. He was in heaven.  No more silly cup and feather duster for this little guy. Another birthday or Christmas gift idea! That is what you get when you go to a house with two boys.  Tons of ideas!

7-31-11 012

They had a piñata that they tried to  bust open but in the end had to use the pull strings.

7-31-11 023

Later they examined their goodies they found from the piñata.

7-31-11 026

These three looked so grown up sitting outside alone eating their cake and ice cream.  It was so weird to just see them interacting like little people.

7-31-11 033

Today we met Lance’s family at the Cumming Aquatic Center. It is a new facility that has a splash pad kind of area, a lazy river, and a huge slide.  It was so much fun!

Reese spent most of the day like this…Brody was so sweet with her all day!  I don’t know many ten year old boys that would let a four year old monkey hang on their backs all day floating around the lazy river but he did.  I bet he sleeps well tonight.  At one point I had taken Reese in to the bathroom and then she was going back out to find Brody on the lazy river.  She told me that I could not come with her.  Of course I did because I wasn’t about to let her swim through the lazy river alone.  When I got in with her she said, “Mommy! I told you not to come with me!”. 

7-31-11 034

Silly little Dalton!

7-31-11 035

Sam loved floating in the lazy river.

7-31-11 037

Lance and I went down the slide a couple of times. It was huge and a lot of fun! I was trying to snap a picture of Lance coming down the slide but this was the best I could get. Ha!

7-31-11 038

There was a huge bucket on top of the play structure that would fill up with water and then spill out everywhere.  All of the kids would set themselves in the splash area to get soaked by the water…all of them except for Reese.  If you look really close you can see her tu-tu crawling away from the crash.

7-31-11 040

After a few fun hours at the park we all went to Dairy Queen for a special treat.  We also used this time to celebrate Reese and Dalton’s birthdays.  Dalton’s birthday is two days after Reese’s so since we were at the beach we didn’t get to celebrate his birthday.

7-31-11 043

They both opened their presents and both were thrilled with them all!

7-31-11 044

Dalton LOVES Legos so we gave him a Lego airplane.  After he opened it he said, “There is one problem.” We thought maybe he already had it or didn’t like it.  He said, “I don’t think I can build this.”  Ha!  There were probably a million pieces to that thing.  A mom’s worst nightmare…sorry Kathy!

7-31-11 046

Reese got lots of fun things! A teacher Barbie and a scooter were the top on her list of favorite things!

7-31-11 048

We had a long fun day and it tuckered the little man out.  He took a nice nap on the way home and then we put the kids to bed early tonight.

7-31-11 049

We will definitely have to check out that water park again!  It was so much fun!

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