Monday, July 11, 2011

Picture Update

I am in a blog funk.  I don’t have any thing to write about. So I will let my pictures take the lead.

For my birthday I wanted Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  So that is what my “cake” was…and then breakfast the next day too.

7-11-11 003

Sam loved them!  And loved eating them with a fork.  Silly boy!

7-11-11 001

Reese was taking my picture with her phone.  The kids have been fighting over this phone for weeks so Becca bought Sam his own phone.

7-11-11 002

This past Saturday was party day for us.  We had three parties to go to but it was fun.  The morning started out with a 3rd birthday pool party.

7-11-11 005

Reese and Sam played in the pool but I stayed out of it because we were headed to my cousin’s graduation party from there and I didn’t have time to redo my hair.

7-11-11 006

The kids had a lot of fun at the pool but weren’t quite sure why I wasn’t in the pool with them. 

7-11-11 010

After the spending a lot of fun time with my family at the graduation party we went to another birthday party.  It was a first birthday party.  We got there a little late because of travel time but it was perfect.

7-11-11 011

It was a long and busy day but it all worked out perfectly.

7-11-11 012

This is how I spend most of my mornings getting ready.  This picture is actually pretty old but I found it on a camera that doesn’t get used much.

7-11-11 017

Reese loves play-doh and Lance is always so good to entertain her with it because I HATE play-doh.  I actually threw away all of our stash but she got some in a goody bag from a party she went to.  She has been playing with it since then.

7-11-11 023

Reese started another Vacation Bible School today.  She acted like she was shy going in this morning but the second the teacher gave her their morning craft to do she was gone.  She wasn’t even going to give me a kiss good-bye.  This week is going to be a week of getting things done while she is away.  Sam and I got a ton of things done this morning and I look forward to that feeling the rest of the week.

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