Thursday, February 21, 2013


This past Saturday the kids and I headed out to my parents house for a little visit.  After visiting with my grandma and sister, my parents, the kids and I headed to Philips Arena for the circus. We left their house around 4:00…the circus was at 7:00. We took separate cars but met up in Atlantic Station to all drive in the van so we only had to pay for parking once. We thought we had plenty of time to grab some dinner at the CNN center and then go down on the floor for the preview show that was to start at 6:00.

photo 1

We were in dead stopped traffic at 5:30 but we didn’t panic. We said we would start panicking at 6:30 if we still weren’t parked. 5:30 turned in to 6:00 and we had moved maybe 1/2 a block. We started talking about just parking where ever we could but all of those lots were $40 and I already had a parking pass for the centennial deck. 

photo 2

During this time Sam really needed to go to the bathroom. He was bouncing up and down in his seat and kept saying , “I really need to go potty bad!”. Luckily we had a cup in the car and since we weren’t moving he got to pee in a cup. HA! The life of a boy.

photo 3

At 6:30 we were another half a block closer. During that half hour we had to call 911 because  we were witnessing a road rage incident. One man who was much larger than the other flew out of his car and started throwing punches and then pushed a girl out of his way. It was crazy. Once everything was calmed down from that and the “suspect” had turned out of traffic, we decided that my parents would take Reese and Sam and walk with them to Phillips.

photo 4

I was finally able to pull in to the parking garage at 7:10. Hayes and I finally made it to our seats around 7:30 and the kids were sitting there mesmerized. I was bummed because I forgot my camera in the car so I had to take pictures with my phone. The kids had some pizza, lemonade and popcorn by the time I was in there. They loved every bit of the circus (except for the long car ride). Even Hayes sat there wide eyed watching everything that was happening. Both of the big kids fell asleep half way home while Hayes cried most of the way!

photo 5

Overall it was a fun night. I just don’t think I will go to the circus at Phillips Arena again. There were four big events going on down there and the streets and traffic cops just couldn’t handle it.

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Carrie Beth said...

What a crazy ride to get there!!! Glad you finally made it safely though and that they kids had a great time!