Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Valentine Window

At Christmas we love to hang all of our Christmas cards we receive on our back door. It is fun to sit at the table and look at all of them. A week or so ago the kids and I decided to make hearts that said what we loved about each person in our family. It was fun to see what they had to say. We hung them on our back door once again and have loved seeing them as we look outside.

2-14-13 007

Here are a couple up close…

2-14-13 008

This says, “Sam is fun to play with and win I com home he is issided.” Winking smile

2-14-13 009

And these are the ones I did for each of the kids.

2-14-13 010

2-14-13 011

2-14-13 012

And here are the Valentine’s the kids took to school for their friends. I found the pirate picture on Pinterest and then put them on a bag of Pirate’s Booty (the kids favorite).

2-14-13 013

2-14-13 014

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Carrie Beth said...

So cute! Love this idea. We did something similar where we left them a note each morning about something we love about them, but I like this because it involves the kids, too!

To answer your question about the girls' skirts, I got them from a website, www.poutinpink.com, but I made their shirts. I got tons of comments about their outfits, so I was happy that I did them, even if it was for one day. :-)