Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Weekend

Friday was a busy day for us! We picked Reese up from school and she was so excited because she got to bring home her classes special teddy bear, Winston. Over the weekend Winston can do everything with the student and then the student has to write about their weekend in their class journal. First thing Winston got to do with Reese was go to ballet with her. He hung out in her ballet bag and watched her dance. (after Friday we kind of forgot about Winston)

photo 1

After ballet we headed straight to Chick-fil-a for a quick ice cream treat/playdate with some friends we haven’t seen in a while. The kids picked up with each other right away as if it hadn’t been forever since we had seen them.

photo 2

From Chick-fil-a we headed to our babysitter’s last basketball game. She is a senior and we didn’t want to miss getting to see her play. We had a great time watching her game and then the senior ceremony afterwards. Some of our friends went to the game with us so after the game we all headed to get some pizza. It wouldn’t be a Friday without pizza!

Saturday morning we went to spend some time with Adrienne and her family. It was a great morning with them. All three of the kids fell asleep on the way home for a quick car nap. That night Reese and Lance were headed to our church for a kids event. They decided to make it a date night and headed to CFA for dinner before the event. We forgot that it was Daddy-Daughter date night there because when Lance tried to get reservations all of our CFA’s were booked. When they arrived they realized it and the employees kindly made room for them. Doesn’t Reese look so excited??

photo 2

Sunday morning I had to lead Reese’s class at church because her leader was out of town. When we first started at our church seven years ago I was a kindergarten small group leader. It definitely brought back a lot of memories. It is loud and tiring but it is so fun to see the kids enjoy their time at church. However, I don’t think I am going to go back to that any time soon. I like my volunteer position at the Info Desk just fine!! I love interacting with the adults and all of the first time guest. The rest of the day was low key. I went to BJ’s and the grocery store while Lance and the kids had some quiet time at home.

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Bryan said...

I tried to do Daddy-Daughter date night too, but by the time I heard about it, ALL of the slots for ALL the times at ALL locations in Georgia except Dalton were taken! That seemed a little strange to me, and I was so bummed. Now I know....just show up and they won't refuse you. Thanks Lance.