Friday, February 8, 2013

The Big Sister

Reese loves Hayes. She loves having him as a baby. We will see what happens when he gets bigger and starts getting in to her stuff. She always wants to hold him “on my shoulder” like we do. I thought this picture below was too cute. I totally trust her to sit with him while I am doing things like making dinner. She is very good to tell me when she is getting tired or wants to get up.

photo 1

One night this week we were all playing Just Dance. When it was my turn against Lance I sat Hayes down on the couch between the kids. He looked like such a big kid sitting there with them. (Sam is not pictured because he was being a stinker) During our dance the kids were laughing pretty loud and poor little buddy got upset. I had to finish my dance holding him.

photo 4

Reese loves to dress Sam up. Usually it is in her clothes. One day she asked if she could dress him up in her clothes and for some reason I can’t remember I had said no. So she told Sam to come upstairs with her and they got dressed up in his dress up clothes. They looked so cute running around like this.

photo 3

Some days Reese is a GREAT big sister. And some days I think she wishes she was an only child. Ha!

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Dr. Tony Denmark said...

Is Hayes giving us the finger?!