Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Dentist

Tuesday Sam had his first official dentist visit. He went six months ago but it was just to check everything out and sit in the chair. This time he actually got his teeth cleaned. The first thing he got to do was pick out a toothbrush. He picked out a Cars one.

photo 4

Reese was also there. We had to check her out of school to make it on time. She picked out a monkey toothbrush.

photo 5

Sam did so well!! He did what he was supposed to do when she asked and didn’t flinch. I was a proud mommy!!

photo 1

Since we were right near the kids hair salon we decided to get Sam’s hair cut after the dentist. When it is humid outside, Sam’s hair is pretty curly and cute. But when it is dry outside like in the winter, his hair just looks like a mess. So we cut off a good bit and will let it grow back out again when summer comes around so we can have those cute little curls again. At the hair salon there are toys for sale every where. The kids found the box of pirate stuff and were so silly with it.

photo 2

After our adventures we headed home for a quick snack. We decided it was nice enough outside to go play at the tennis courts. We took both kids bikes there. Lance tried a while back to take Reese out to ride her bike and she didn’t want to do it. She usually has to do things on her own first. The last week or so she has been riding her bike in the house and getting pretty good at it so I knew she would be confident at the courts. She did so well!! She rode around and around.

Shortly after we arrived one of her friends in her class showed up. He was riding around on his little Razor scooter and doing a great job. We had also invited some other friends to play too so the kids were all having a great time together. Hayes just hung out all day and was the perfect little baby!!

photo 3

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