Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Odd Life

Friday started off a great weekend. Since we saw the previews of The Odd Life of Timothy Green on TV back when it was coming out in to the theaters, Reese has asked to see it. Friday I looked it up on Focus on the Family website because I didn’t really know much about it. It had a gushing review of what a great movie it was so we decided to watch it. Reese was very interested in the movie and enjoyed watching it with us. Sam, I think, was a little too young for it. It did not really keep his attention. Very early in the movie it had some pretty emotional things happening. I was holding back the tears because I didn’t want to explain it to the kids. As the movie progressed, Lance, Reese, and I just loved it. There was one point where one of the girls cries but you don’t really know why. After that happened Reese asked us to pause the movie so she could go to the bathroom. She went in to the bathroom, flushed the toilet pretty quickly and came back out with a tissue. She had her ballet clothes still on so I knew there was no way she had gone to the bathroom as fast as she did. I asked her if she even went potty and she said no. When we asked her what she was doing, we saw the tissue and realized that she had been crying when the girl in the movie was crying. We all giggled and continued on with the movie. The ending was very sad and I couldn’t hold it back any more. I cried and cried. When I finally looked up at Reese she was sitting there with just as many tears in her eyes and ran over to me. We hugged and cried and giggled. Seeing her cry that way made me cry even more. Seriously that girl gets me! She is so emotional with such a tender heart and in the same breath can be such a stinker. All of that to say, we are in love with that movie!

Saturday morning came bright and early for us. Reese did a cheer/dance camp at Kennesaw State University. She could choose dance or cheer and she chose dance. The cheer leaders and dance team members were leading the camp. We had to be there at the time that she usually leaves for school during the week. It was a little hard to get moving but we made it. She was soooo excited to go and a little nervous. She kept saying she felt like she needed to go potty. Her bff, Hallie, also did the camp with her along with a few other girls she knows.

2-24-13 003

She had a blast! The camp was over at 11:00, we picked her up, and headed to the KSU women’s basketball game to perform at halftime. During the first half of the game all of the girls sat together on one end of the court.

2-24-13 016

They did lots of cheering. Honestly, I don’t think I really watched any of the game because I just watched the girls in their seats.

2-24-13 018

Finally it was time to come out on to the court. Look how excited Reese and Hallie look!!

2-24-13 019

I got a picture of her up on the big screen…she turned around.

2-24-13 021

She had so much fun on the floor.

2-24-13 022

Their little routine was cute. And she was just precious sitting on the floor waving to the audience.

2-24-13 030

We left after their show was done. She was a ball of energy the rest of the afternoon. When we got home, she went straight to her room and practiced all that she had seen that day. She told us that next year she wants to do the cheer part because those little girls got to do stunts.

2-24-13 034

Earlier this week Lance and I had our eighth anniversary. Last night we were finally able to celebrate it. I asked my parents if they would meet us to take the kids for a little bit while we had dinner alone (that was my gift to Lance). While we were getting ready, Reese came in with two bags packed and said she was going to spend the night at Gigi’s house. I told her we had to ask first and of course the answer was yes. Finally we were all ready and headed out to meet my parents. After the long morning, both big kids passed out in the car.

2-24-13 036

We dropped the kids off at Taco Mac to have dinner with my parents, grandma, and my cousin and his family. They had a great time visiting with everyone. While they were all having fun together, Lance and I went to Fleming’s. We had such an enjoyable time together and a yummy dinner! I know this is just a season of life but we never get one on one time together so we greatly appreciated my parents help. It was really such a great evening. After dinner we picked the boys up and Reese headed home with my parents.

This morning I headed to church with all my boys and then we had lunch with some friends afterwards. From there we went to Atlantic Station for some shopping and then met my parents there to pick Reese up from them. She had a blast spending the night with them. Sam was so excited to see her but they quickly fell back in to the fighting and picking on each other. Finally they both fell asleep in the car and all was quiet. We drove a little past our house to have a little more peace and quiet but not too long because it was late. When we got home we just left them in the car to wake up on their own. Reese slept for about five more minutes but I had to go out and wake Sam up…and he was not happy.

I am so thankful for the sweet family weekend that we had.

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