Friday, February 15, 2013

Random Glimpses

Having three kids has definitely made things a little more hectic around here. I didn’t really realize how much busier we would be once Hayes arrived. It is just constantly something. And this blog has been one thing that has not received as much attention as it did before. If I do get a chance to sit down at the computer, I usually do several blogs at once and schedule them to post because Lance is always quick to point out when I have neglected to post anything. I think it is a quick escape for him during his lunch break to see what we are up to during the day. So, here are a few random glances in to our lives right now.

I had to run a quick errand the other day after school. I put Sam and Hayes in the car and picked Reese up from the bus stop. We had to go about 20 minutes from our house and on the way I could just tell Reese was tired. She was actually quiet in the car. We made it to our destination, I made a quick drop off, and then we headed home. All three of the kids fell asleep on the way back home. I decided I would let them all get a little extra rest in so I drove around for a bit. Once Reese was awake, I headed back home.


Sam loves to lay on the bed next to Hayes in the morning when I am getting ready.


Sam has been getting in to our bed every single night for months. I finally got him to stay in his bed all night last week and took him to get a donut as a reward. He actually did it one more time since then.


We went to the park last weekend and Reese rode her bike there for the first time. She rode for a little over a mile. She was so proud of herself and had a blast!


Reese wanted in on the picture too!


Lance and I have had this old tube tv in our bedroom for years. He actually bought it back in 1998. It has been a great tv but recently the picture had started to go. We would have to bang the top of it or stomp on the floor to get the picture to come back. We finally had to let it go this week and got a new tv for our room. We are kind of in love with our new one! Winking smile Farewell old friend!


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