Saturday, August 9, 2008

Advise for 18 year old Renee

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a fun idea...give it a try.

Dear 18 year old Renee,

Hey...it's me...ten years from now. Yep, ten years...your ten year high school reunion is just around the corner. So, I've seen the future (at least ten years of it anyways) and I thought I would give you some advise.

First of all even though you are scared to leave home and venture off pick a college that is not so close to home. Pick one that has a fabulous football team that you will have fun cheering for. Be more adventurous and have fun doing it.

Put down that credit card!! No seriously, put it down!! I know you think it is free money and that you can pay it off later but really put it down. Don't think about using it. As a matter of fact, go get a job and study harder. You didn't listen did you? Well, good luck paying off those credit card bills...oh yeah, and your student loans. It sure would have been nice to go out and buy some new clothes with out worrying about spending your credit card bill and student loan bill money! Your future husband and I are working on getting all of that paid off now!

Yes, future husband. Even though you decided to stay close to home instead of having fun at a big school, you found a football team you could cheer for. You meet a guy who goes to that school. He treats you well...better than any of those other stupid guys you will meet. Instead of questioning it in the beginning, just go for it and make the most of it. He's the right one! And he sure does make cute babies!!

Well, one baby so far. But she is so cute and sweet. Guess what?!? Remember when you were in middle school and one of your mom's friends asked you what you wanted to be? You told her a stay-at-home mom. She was mortified and told on you. Boy was she crazy? Well, you get to do it. Your one dream that has always stayed constant comes true! You get to stay at home and raise your sweet baby! It is amazing and you are so blessed.

When you think your life is over because of silly things that happen in college just know that life gets so much better!! Stay focused on school...and study more! Take the school part of school more seriously!! Get better grades. I know...I told you that you were a stay at home mom...that doesn't mean you should slack in school. That will help with the school loan thing I mentioned earlier!!

Love your friends! You will still have some of them for a long time. Let go of the ones you know will only hurt you! Life is too short to try to keep them around!

Love yourself! Wear that bikini proudly!! Don't stay out too late! Well, every once in a while is fine. But know nothing good happens after midnight!! Most importantly, believe in yourself!

Take a deep breath, open your eyes, and embrace life to the fullest. I know...it is a little scary! But if you just do it, it will make life so much more rewarding and fulfilling.

See you in ten years!


Future Renee

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