Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Review

Saturday night we made hamburgers. I gave Reese her first hamburger but she wasn't too impressed until I gave her some of mine on the fork, of course. She will eat whatever I am eating and most of the time she will eat what is on her tray.

Then the wind started to blow...harder and harder. Here Reese is checking it out. The wind was blowing so hard we thought we were going to lose some trees. Luckily no trees fell down.

However, we lost our power for three hours. So we played Monopoly by candle light. And I kicked Lance's butt!!

Then Sunday after church Emma came over to play. We hadn't seen them in a few weeks so we had a great time catching up!!

Sunday night we went to FPU and Reese did great for Lissa. We left during her nap time so she only had Lissa when she woke up and didn't have to see us leave. That is so much easier on EVERYONE!! She was a happy girl when we got home.
Here she is saying, "Oh Mom, you are so silly!"

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