Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All in one day

Here is what our day's usually look like...

In the morning. So sweet. Plays nicely. Does what is asked of her.

Playing in Daddy's shoes. She loves to play with our shoes. If we are upstairs, she pulls them out of the closet. If they are lying around, she brings them to us and wants to put them on.

While I am making dinner, she has a melt down. She probably did not take a good nap, she is hungry, and is having a bad case of seperation anxiety right now. Yes, I know, I am right there...she wants to be held...I don't know why she thinks I am going anywhere when I am just standing at the stove. If I walk five steps away from her, she freaks out! I will be happy when this stage is over!! It is stressful. Notice the tears and the snot...that is a good cry!!

Finally it's time to eat!! Something she does well!! This night it was pasta for dinner.

I am not sure how much actually ended up in her belly...most of it is on her belly. Luckily I had the foresight to see this coming! She eats naked a lot of nights.

I thought it might be best to clean her off in the sink. We ended up taking an early bath because she was so dirty!!

For some unknown reason Reese has been waking up in the middle of the night this week. Last night she was awake off and on for two hours. She would be quiet long enough for me to fall asleep and then she would cry out again. Hopefully tonight we can make it a full night with out crying. I know Lance would like that! And hopefully that will help with the meltdowns during the day!

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