Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday morning I woke up and was hot. I look at the thermostat and it says it is much hotter than it should be!! I feel air blowing out of the vents so I call Lance to tell him what is going on. After talking to him I go outside to check the unit and notice that the fan is not spinning. Great! So I call the HVAC guy who is wonderful. He was out here within two hours. Preparing myself to spend a couple hundred dollars to get the AC fixed, he comes to me and says that the breaker was just tripped. He turned it back on and said we were good to go. I was HAPPY to write him an $85 check for the service call and he was on his way. We had a really bad storm Sunday night that must have tripped it! Now I know what to check for next time...before I spend the money!!

And the storms just keep on coming! Early this morning I woke up to the sound of a lot of rain. I think it has been raining for seven hours straight! Around eight this morning I hear the rain hitting the windows sideways and then shortly after that the sirens started going off. Luckily the really bad weather was not in this part of the county!! I was really hoping to get out of the house some today but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Hopefully we are not stuck int he house all week...we might go crazy!

Yesterday Reese was playing with her halloween bucket like it was a purse. She had it looped over her arm and was walking around. So cute!

This morning we were reading books. In the book that my cousin, Brooke, gave to Reese she put her picture inside of it. Reese kept pointing at the picture so I told her that it was Brooke. I asked her if she could say that...check it out.

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